Upgrading Marketplace images
  • 27 Mar 2022
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Upgrading Marketplace images

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When you get the new version news for Ant Media Server AMI, you may want to use the new version. There are two alternatives: just start a new instance through Marketplace or install the new version manually on the running server. This post is a guide for you that tells how you can upgrade manually.


Installation On Running Instance:

  • Contact Us: send email to support@antmedia.io and ask for the new version Zip file.
  • Connect your server with SSH.
  • Download the new version of Ant Media Server and new installation script to your instance.
  • Install new version as explained in this document. Please don't forget to add the -r true flag while upgrading from old version to new version.

If you made a new fresh installation, you need to copy below mentioned files from old installation to the new installation.

  • Files with db extension under /usr/local/antmedia.

  • Properties file

  • For VOD files
    /usr/local/antmedia-backup/webapps/application/streams folder to /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/application/

The last but not least, when you make a fresh installation or update over older version, previous installation will be backup in /usr/local directory with a timestamp value like antmedia-20200822.

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