Product roadmap
  • 22 Jan 2023
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Product roadmap

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As Ant Media, we always share our vision, direction, priorities and progress of our Ant Media Server and related SDKs development over time. On this page, you'll find the most important areas we are working on, and expect to be completed.


  • AV1 Support
  • SVC Capability
  • DRM Enabler
  • WebRTC extensions/plugins for open-source web and mobile players
  • Performance Improvements via WebRTC Stack and Encoder Updates
  • Conference Call Application Improvements
  • Extending the functionality of the live demo
  • Development of sample/super apps for every SDK
  • Google object storage support


  • Updating React Native, Flutter, and Unity SDKs to make them on par with web SDK and also native SDKs


  • Building a plugin/services/consultancy marketplace for Ant Media
  • Leverage partner program and increase partner engagement
  • Sponsoring open-source projects

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