How to publish with XSplit
  • 04 Mar 2022
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How to publish with XSplit

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XSplit is a free and open source software for live streaming and video recording. It is easy to use and provides a great canvas with a screen share option for different purposes (PC gaming, talk shows or presentations). Embedded or external cameras and audio sources can be used with XSplit.

1. Install XSplit

Download XSplit from and şnstall it. 

2. Provide sources

When you open  XSplit, it will ask for the canvas option for different purposes. They are easy to manipulate with drag and drop. It has some useful features for streaming, for further information you can google about XSplit tutorial.

3. Configure XSplit

We're assuming that your Ant Media Server accepts all streams (There is no any security option enabled.)

  • Click Broadcast in the XSplit window and then click ‘Set up a new output’
  • Choose Custom RTMP in the Set up a new output dropdown menu.
  • You can write any name and description you want.
  • In the RTMP URL box, type your RTMP URL without stream id. It's like rtmp://your_server_domain_name/LiveApp PS: Your 1935 port should be open and your server should be reachable.
  • In the stream key, you can write any stream id because we assume that no security option is enabled.

When you're using tokens you need to generate a publish token and use it in this format inside the stream key: streamdid?token=tokenid

4: Start streaming

Close Settings window and just click the “Stream” button in the main window of XSplit. It will start streaming. You can play it in the server like this;

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