AMS application configuration
  • 22 Feb 2022
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AMS application configuration

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The Ant Media Server configurations can be made directly from the files as well as through the management console. The documentation of all the application settings are provided below.

App Settings Javadoc

How to use App Settings Javadoc

App Settings are set for each applications and stored in the file <AMS_DIR>/webapps/<AppName>/WEB-INF/ Management panel allows some changes however, the file is much more extensive, see the App Settings Javadoc to reach all the settings.

Use case example:

  • Open the link App Settings Javadoc
  • Find the setting that you need on the Field Summary Section. Check the description if needed. Most of the settings are self explanatory. i.e.
    • Click on the name of the field aacEncodingEnabled
    • You'll see the following description

      private boolean aacEncodingEnabled 
    • It is a boolean type and its default value is true as shown in the @Value section. The comment for the field as follows

       If `aacEncodingEnabled` is true, aac encoding will be active even if mp4 or hls muxing is not enabled, If aacEncodingEnabled is false,
       aac encoding is only activated if mp4 or hls muxing is enabled in the settings, This value should be true if you're sending stream to
       RTMP endpoints or enable/disable mp4 recording on the fly
    • To change it, open the file <AMS_DIR>/webapps/<AppName>/WEB-INF/
    • If the setting is not already in <AMS_DIR>/webapps/<AppName>/WEB-INF/ you can add a new line to change it.


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